The rest of the “work” day.

Then we began to think about presentation.  Then the oldest got a great idea.  “We have some old plywood. Can I cut some?”  Then we went down the rabbit hole.  Cutting, sanding (after trying to file first), staining, drilling, lacing, hot gluing fabric, deciding that there weren’t enough pages and we shouldn’t bind yet – not until more pages get done.

JV thought that AV had a great idea and wanted to use the scrap piece to make his own.  Fun.  Cutting, sanding (at least no filing), staining but with polyurethane so it hasn’t dried yet.

BR laced and folded his 62 card time line, finished the outfield, and organized the rest of his papers.  Presentation is still unfinished because we became sidetracked on an orgami box that would fit the time line.  (Poster paper is the size you need.)

Sigh.  Monday will be the end.  I pray.



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2 responses to “The rest of the “work” day.

  1. lapazfarm

    Looks like a perfectly wonderful time!

  2. Grandma Vice

    The boys have their Pappa’s blood in them. Everything has to involve lumber!

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