Project Week Day 4

Will it ever end.  I’m over the projects.  The mess. The chaos.  The glue.  It is the same with 3 or 25.   I know.  I can hear you saying: “the life skills.”


Cutting – manicure scissors, paper cutter, fragility of paper.

Watercolors – Brush technique, cleaning the brushes, changing water

PASTING.  – “Glue is wet, it will make watercolors on the back of the page interact. They will turn you image colors.”  “Do you think you have enough glue there? . . .  I am pretty sure that is enough glue.”  “If you stack things on wet glue they will stick together.  Remember we discussed ‘enough glue’.”

Anyway.  Here are some photos of today.

BR completed his time line of baseball today.


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One response to “Project Week Day 4

  1. lapazfarm

    LOL! Hang in there!

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