AV’s project – Hunting Island, GA

AV’s project book covers:

Topics studied:

Geography of the eastern seaboard with specific attention to the southern South Carolina coastline and particular detail of the St. Helena and Port Royal Sounds;

History of the War of Northern Aggression with attention to lighthouse needs for the Union Navy and late 19th century Philidelphia; history and uses of light ships; history of Fresnel Lenses and their production;

Physics of Fresnel Lenses and construction of cast iron lighthouses.

Life skills worked on:

Time management:  making a plan and not getting distracted

Writing: writing rough drafts and revising until final is more polished

Art:  brush stroke, “washing’ water color, using rubber cement glue, aging paper, page thematics, placement of  elements for artistic pleasure, using a light box

Construction: Sizing and cutting wood, sanding, preparing staining, and drilling wood

Practical Math: measurement of wood, paper, spacial and geometric recognition.

He still is lacking a few design elements that he will remember later – headings on the pages like on the Maps page.  And he wants to add two more pages.  One on the phosphorous trade and one on the fauna of the island.


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One response to “AV’s project – Hunting Island, GA

  1. Grandma Vice

    WOW! I’m really impressed with Andrew’s project! Can’t wait to see it all bound together.

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