Project Week Day 3

With all the excitement of this morning’s experiment/demonstration, we could have called it a successful day.  However,  we just kept right on going.

burningJV wrote up his experiment in the words of Simon. It got a bit tricky because the Charleston Bump was not recorded to be discovered until the year after Simon wrote his book.

He then decided he needed another map.  This one of the southern coast.

We found one on the web at the Library of Congress. (It is worth bumping around in until it begins to make a tiny bit of sense. It is not a Google searchable page.) This is the first one he has opted out of tracing, but as always – not out of burning.

BRpaintingBR worked through another 50 years of baseball events on BR writinghis giant time line.

He then began to create a baseball diamond with pop-up bases and pitcher’s mound.

It is some of his best work to date.

AV continued to work on the two pages of his book that cover the history of the protecting mariners in the waters around St. Helena’s Sound.

AAV writings you can see.  Straight perfect writing is an obsession for such a beautiful book. He has a piece of notebook paper taped under his good paper, and he is writing using these line. His final piece is beautiful.

I even got a load of wash done.  The motivation is catching.


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