Experimental Gyre

JV’s project is on the Charleston Bump.

A little information for you:  http://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/explorations/islands01/background/islands/sup11_bump.html

We needed to try to see how underwater geographic features effect water flow around them.  He set-up an experiment to discover the ways gyers are formed.setup1

JVboys3 acquired –

old aquarium,      clamp,      hose lengths,         food coloring,       funnel,         funnel holder,      towels,        stools,      gravel,        rocks,       stones,       five gallon bucket,       Tupperware container.

All that for the one that didn’t work.  We couldn’t manage to keep the suction working for the siphoning.

So gravity and mechanical suction became a necessity.  We decided to use the power of city water.

filling with waterBoys2

AV held the hose to the tap and kept the flow of water constant and slow enough not to cause bubbles under water.

BR kept kinks out of the hose and kept it aiming at the right angle so we had a current in the tank.

JV made sure the suction was working properly.  This was first tried the old fashioned way by me.  But three tries was enough to require “O’l Suckie” to work.

We added red food coloring to watch the flow.

Boys 1


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One response to “Experimental Gyre

  1. lapazfarm

    Oh, my goodness!!! That is so fabulous!!! So, did it work? Will we get to see results??? Very inspiring!

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