I miss Montessori

Since the beginning of the year, the boys have been reviewing their math knowledge.  As they are “upper el” age, this is very abstract. AV has just returned to ratios and has been having trouble with it. Last year he was shown how to do it by an assistant who, although was very good mathematically, did not know the Montessori lessons.  This week, I struggled to show him “traditionally” without realizing that I was being “traditional”.

Out of frustration (I am embarrassed to say), I hunted down my manual and gave JV and AV the traditional Montessori lesson.  It felt so good providing a visual and logically progressive way to understand ratios and solving algebraically to make them proportional.

I realized I must be more aware of the power of the lessons to help even in review.


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Filed under Educational Philosophy, Mathematics, Montessori

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