Hunting Island, we’re here!

We went to Hunting Island.  The majority of the barrier island is an untouched/never built wonderland God on plopped on the Atlantic coast between the Port Royal Sound and Hilton Head Island.  Long drive but worth it.

We went on a hunt for algae and to discuss plants living on barrier islands. We hunted the groins and yet again were told to get off.  How scientists ever learn anything is beyond me.

The secondary draw was the lighthouse which can be climbed -all 167 steps.  Gasp. Gasp.  Pain.  Down was better going than up!

We enjoyed the day.  We must look at our samples and hunt for diatoms.



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3 responses to “Hunting Island, we’re here!

  1. lapazfarm

    Looks like a fantastic place! Good luck with the diatoms!!!

  2. Grandma Vice

    I think I need to enroll in your school! Looks like a great place to go! Great pictures, too!

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