Glass, Glass everywhere. . .

The glass projects have doubled in our house.  You never know where the child’s interest will lead him.  This stained glass thing is one of those moments.  All “planned” studies are derailed.  We are driving down a path toward someone getting cut.

jvnumberingwindowOur dismantling and tracing and washing and numbering the tracing and the original glass is complete!  Yey!

We found several broken pieces – some are very tiny.

We traced the frame – AV cleaned it ’til lo and behold it was actually white – and that made the project a whole lot easier.  After one mis-step at the beginning, we managed the rather tedious work.  brwithwindowJV would take the pieces from our temporary lay out (numbering the area where we took it from – just in case), place it where he thought it should go, and see if it worked with other pieces near it. BR arrived this morning and stepped in to AV’s ususal spot and began to use a razor blade to scrape off the grout and paint.  When he completed the piece, JV would renumber and refit it into the window to be traced.  Excitement was in their motions as they worked to complete the last few pieces of glass.

The boys were on a high as they cleaned up the towels, rough draft papers, tools, and stacked the glass away from the traffic area. (This work took up my entire front room! It was like a giant booby trap every time we walked in the front door.)

They decided they needed help from an expert as they began to think about re-assembly.  At the end of our street is the downtown area for Park Circle.  Tucked beside tasty restaurants and across from the local community theater is Charlestowne Glass.  They proposed to walk down with their map of the window and ask if the man would help them with technical advice on redoing the window and they would purchase supplies from him.  Ok.  Off they went.  Jaunty.  I fought back the urge to call the shop and intercede/interfere before they arrived.

The boys returned deflated.  They had been patronized and mildly scorned for their daring to ask for help when it would “break into his lively-hood”.  They could come take a class for $175 per person on making a new stained glass piece (The technical advice had much more to do with restoring and preservation. Uggg.). They didn’t even get to tell him of their previous experience or about the piece before being shushed out of the shop.  They were angry and being treated badly and crushed because their scenario didn’t turn out “right”.

threeboysWe took the rest of the morning off and went downtown to look at other stained glass windows from the Victorian era and wander through a few galleries.  The Gaye Sanders Fisher gallery and the Dog and Horse gallery downtown were particularly wonderful as was the lady in the St. Michael’s gift shop. The boys felt valued and “adult” again.

Good humor returned in full as we strolled down Church street.  (You have to wonder what the ladies in the background of the photo thought of this merry band of miscreants.)


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  1. Grandma Vice

    What’s going to become of the stain glass window? Isn’t there some place to get help? Looks like they did a great job tracing off the pieces!!

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