and all the house did clink.

After lunch today we embarked upon a previously planned project. And yes, I am a sadist.

Mini stained glass windows.  Our art for this semester was chosen by the boys to be glass.  So far we’ve made sushi plates (algae) and “microscope slides” of protoza at Blue Heron Glass.  This time I went for stained glass because the plants that live near the ocean, with the exception of mangroves, are grasses.  The representation of the growth of grasses – segment upon segment was too tempting.

waterplantsinglassSo, now my coffee table has a marsh grass emerging on it. Actually it is Seaside Gerardia (gerardia maritima).  This is a small, single-stemmed (occasionally branched) figwort with pink-to-purple flowers. (Ursin’s Life in and around the Salt Marsh) It appears in the spray zone. We are using copper foil around the edges. And yes, more tracing and numbering as we go.  The larger “sky” pieces will be cut from glass with Mike the Glass Guy next Thursday.jvplantwindow

The couch has a foam core board with a mangrove ascending on it – JV’s is very small and fragile so the pieces are hemmed in with dissecting pins.  Yes. The boys ended the work cycle by inserting the dissecting pins under their epidermis.


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