Can there be too much Shakespeare?

silly-shakespeareAs usual, I forgot the camera.  Our evening included JV, AV, BR, BR’s brother and mom and 200 of our favorite viewing audience.

We finally made it to see the College of Charleston’s annual Shakespeare production.  This year the talented group interpreted A Comedy of Errors.  We were seated near the top of the steeply pitched theater.  It did become a nose bleed section.  BR needed to borrow my scarf (forgot napkins, too) to help staunch the flow of blood.  Nothing but nothing was going to keep him from watching this performance.

The set was a 1920’s Art Nouveau/Deco take on the city of Ephesus – complete with Chaplinesque mimes, keystone cops, a fan dancer, and tricycles.  The actors were wonderful.  The visiting twin from Sarcause did such an entrancing job of a Southern good-ol’-boy while keeping his “Shakespeare together”.

The children especially enjoyed the use of silent movie cards at each scene to give the audience funny tags for the scenes.  In one scene the visiting brother tosses it from a balcony down to the mime.  It stated “Help! I’ve been kidnapped!”


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