The 7th Inning Stretch

dogIt is remarkable how much light the bulbs illuminating a baseball field really are.  The whole family found its self poaching seats with another home school family at the last Friday night of baseball for the season. As darkness surrounded the field and fly balls soared into the marsh behind the stadium, we watched an old student played toilet seat horseshoes during the 5th inning to 6th inning swap.  Taylor was decked out in overalls and a straw farm hat.  He was grinning as only an 11 year-old with a toilet seat in his hand can grin.  We all cheered for him like mad people.

BR spent the day in utter excitement – he got to throw out the first pitch.  His little 8 year-old arms and deep determination made for a spectacular throw.  The ball made it all the way down and across the plate to the catcher.

JV smiled at one of the players coming into the dugout and he tossed him a ball.  JV

JV had no idea it would happen.  There was a ball rolling toward him across the dugout roof.  He was elated.  The boys had a great time with their friends and were treated to an umpire/coach moment over a call at second base.  They ate hot dogs in various forms and laughed and goofed off with all their friends.  Oh and we all – including DV – did the seventh inning stretch and obligatory cry for Cracker Jacks.


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One response to “The 7th Inning Stretch

  1. Grandma Vice

    Your evening at the ball game really sounded like a lot of fun. So glad you got to go. Josiah had no trouble smiling for the camera this time! : )

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