Sullivan’s, the Battery, and the Cement Pond

Sullivan's - 3

  • Sullivan’s Island – Station 11
    • This is very near the point of the island closest to the harbor.
    • There were lots of drift items including telephone poles.
    • Lots of crabs.
    • Nothing of our interest – nope, nada, nothing

JV on sullivans

  • The
  • Battery
    • Tide was still pretty high and we could see interesting things in the water, but we could not get to them.
  • Colonial Lake (a man-made marine lake)
    • Difficult to get to the water grasses that contained the alga we wanted.
    • We were successful when AV lay on his stomach, and we held his legs and feet.  (So no pictures as we were holding feet.)
    • We found
      • A blue green alga that is very common and is responsible for a lot of photosynthesis in the world.
      • Some water grass.



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