Water bears, dodecahedrons, kingdom animalia oh my!

AV writing about sea bears

AV writing about sea bears

AV has been deeply involved in (read much research little writing) a paper about sea bears.

Water bears also known as a tardigracle are microscopic animals that were first found by a German pastor/zoologist Johann August Epraim Goere.  This tiny animal can survive in super extreme conditions such as 600 atm or the vacuum of space.  Water bears can go into cryptobiosis, a hibernation-like state that is probably closer to your body killing you until where you are is hospitable enough for life.  But the sea bear is able to turn this reaction on and off.

JV helping AV assemble his super dodecahedron

JV helping AV assemble his super dodecahedron

JV has been working on his own miniature super dodecahedron.  It was one page printed out and will be about two inches in diameter when folded. His abilities in working with small, tedious, delicate materials have caused AV to request help with his seven inch diameter version. AV’s was five pages printed out.

We had a discussion regarding deeply creased surface areas having much more surface area but covering less space than the flat dodecahedron they had done first.  We thought about our lungs and our intestines having lots of folds. Which being boys led to … well you can figure out the area of that conversation.

BR creating his sea creature chart

BR creating his sea creature chart

BR’s time with us has lead to his creation of a beautiful chart of kingdom animalia found in the sea.

He read for sometime on the subject and researched definitions of the various types of plankton looking for the prefix and suffixes of the words to understand them by the clues words leave.

plankton:  from Greek planktos meaning wandering.

zooplankton: from Greek zoo meaning animals and planktos meaning wandering.


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