The Patience of Sculpy

Sometime last summer I acquired some Sculpy oven bake-able clay on clearance.  With the study of cells and phytoplankton, I pulled it out for the kids to think through the plethora of geometric patterns that surround us in the water.

After some initial creations yesterday, the boys settled down to create multi-colored, complex shapes.  Who knew how incredibly difficult it is to work with white Sculpy in conjunction with other colors.

The boys are working through the complexity and probably, when all the Sculpy is gone, they will feel that their next one would have been just what they wanted.  Ahh.

Patience does seem to be our byword this week.

The math work has been calculating the area of three dimensional objects.  They have been using the mini-scissors to cut them out and the patience of engineers to assemble the shapes.  It is teaching them their limits and how the investment of self makes something more valuable to you.


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Filed under AV, Biology, Geometry, JV, Mathematics, Science

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