Watermelons are larger than they appear

Thursday afternoon is our community farmer’s market.  We live about a half mile away. (I’m sure one day the boys will want to know EXACTLY how far it is – approximate is not a Montessori word.) When the humidity permits, we walk.  Today we walked. My farm upbringing makes it very difficult for me to part with cash for vegetables – especially watermelons.

The boys prevailed on me to “invest” the $5.00 in a watermelon.  There was only one of the long striped ones.  “Every one else wanted $6.50, so it was practically a steal.  It had to be a mistake. Please – let’s get it.  Invest in our taste buds.” I relented.

AV guarded the prize while JV went to pay.  Then we transferred the green beans and muskadine grapes into the “tomatoes only” bag.  The boys were in the glow of a bargain-shopping moment.   Ever so carefully they rolled the watermelon into the depth of the black nylon shopping bag. It didn’t look too big.  It fit in the bag after all.

AV was feeling magnanimous.  He put the two handles over his shoulders and hefted the watermelon to his stomach.  He then waddled. Not just duck waddled; he waddled like a pregnant woman about to pop.  JV sniggered ever so slightly. This, the waddling and the sniggering,  lasted about 15 steps – half way across the parking lot.

AV began to slow and assess the situation. It looked bleak. He could see all the way down the 2200 feet to the corner where another 300 feet would await his resolve. He began to steel himself for the task.  I knew more about this kind of physics than he did, so I offered to help share the load.  JV already had the other bag.  AV and I carried the black bag between us the half-mile back to the house.  The neighbors all seemed to be eying us as we staggered down the street.  One even pulled up beside us in her car, rolled down the window, and yelled,  “What are ya’ll doing?”  We took that moment to switch sides and say that we’d bought a watermelon.  (She drove off to get herself one.)

Water, Iced Tea (it is the South), Water –   ahhhhhhhhhhh.  A game of “Where in the World?”  and the boys are fully recovered.  A good day’s work.


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One response to “Watermelons are larger than they appear

  1. Grandma Vice

    Love the watermelon story!! Can just see the three of you going down the street! LOL

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