It can rain on cue in Charleston

It is helpful to be in the midst of the comings of a storm when you are learning about the work of wind.

This afternoon, we began to discuss the series of traditional Montessori lessons called the Work of Wind.  These lessons discuss how the convection of air in the Earth’s atmosphere leads to weather phenomena.  It also brings up the question of centrifugal forces affecting winds.

Which warms faster water or land?

Which retains its heat longer water or land?

The answers to these questions provide a look into our coastal weather patterns which are a micro-example of our large world’s work of winds.

Front Window

Front Window

So anyway, we four were walking up the main drag in Charleston proper traveling from the art store (having a 50% off sale) to Blue Bicycle Books, our favorite used and new book seller, when it came.

The sun put on its sunglasses and the wind began to magnify as it rushed between the tall buildings.  We stopped under the last awning before a long stretch of open sidewalk and looked to the west at the wall of clouds advancing.   The wind announced the presence of the change in temperature to be expected during the storm.  The Low Pressure displacing the warmer High Pressure right there before our eyes. In the moment, I had a how-small-humans-are chill, said, “Wow!”, and  then we scurried as quickly as we could through the spitting drops to the happy interior of the book seller’s and lost ourselves in the mass of books.

We emerged to race ahead of the meter maid (really they are still called that here) before the impending storm that would result from getting a ticket.  Ahhh.


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